1st ever wild camp - Whernside June 2016

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At the end of last year I started watching Thomas Heaton's youtube channel. This inspired me to get off my backside and do landscape photography along side a Wild Camp. After a few months of researching wild camping and gear needed I decided on Whernside in the Yorkshire Dales. Whernside is one of the 3 peaks and the highest.

Here are some thoughts of my adventure.


It was going to be a long hike with 16kg on my back. Armed with a OS map and a Garmin Etrex 30 I set off. Didn't look that far I said the myself!!!!

After 1/2 hour a rest stop and a chance for me to capture an image of the Iconic Viaduct. Then onwards and upwards. I followed the standard route along the well trodden path. Over the Aqueduct then I came to the start of the climb. First Smithy Hill then Slack hill, this is when I started to feel the weight of my pack! Then over the stile and still going upwards. 

The view back down the path and still no where near the summit!

I was starting to tire now and was thinking about finding a place to pitch near by. There was a little Tarn close by but no visible path to get to it. I decided to carry on. Nearing the top I decided to cross over a stile and follow a stone wall down a little. Here I found a lovely pitch that was hidden from the path and quite sheltered. The tent went up at about 19.30. the sun was due to set at 21.00 wish. So had plenty of time for a cuppa and some food. Jetboil to the ready.

Sunset was brilliant. It turns out I was looking over towards Deepdale. I managed to get some shots before the sun disappeared. Then it turned cold! which caught me by surprise. Back to the tent I went and chilled. After looking at the map it turned out that I was not far of the summit after all. I felt I had cheated myself by not carrying on, but never mind. 

I would like to say I slept well but I didn't. Awoke at 2.00am cold so another layer was added. Then I slept like a baby, awoke at 5.30am and missed the sunrise!!

Had breakfast and a walk around. Then packed up and started the hike back. My pack was heavier as the tent was wet through due to ice forming on it over night.

Would I do it again - hell yes!!!! Was I happy with my final images No. Will I go up there again yes.

Lesson's learnt in no particular order.

  • Research your location well- check for water sources. I was luckily I had not taken enough water but was able to find a water source and filter some on the way up. check how far you will be hiking and how high.
  • Just because it is warm during the day, it won't be in the night. Thermals are a must as well as a good sleeping bag.
  • Reflective mats under your sleeping mat is a must.
  • Don't bite off more then you can chew. Doing this for my 1st one was a big ask for my fitness level.
  • Jetboil or similar cooking systems are a god send when hungry. I used boil in the bag meals.
  • Safety first, tell people your planned route, approx time of getting there and back,fully charged phone and external power source to re charge if need be OS maps and GPS system are a must.
  • Use a properly fitted ruck sack.

Here is a brief run down of the equipment taken on this trip. Some was used and some was not.


Nikon D7000 and Sigma 10-20 wide angled lens (Nikon 35mm never used)

Lee filters 100 system - Polariser, various nd grads, big & little stopper.

Manfrotto Befreie tripod.

remote release and hotshoe spirit level.

Wild Camping

Low Alpine 70 + 10 Expedition ruck sack - bought this 2nd hand because it as front entry as well as top opening. Make it easier to get my camera pod out.

Lowe Pro camera pod taken of the Pro Rover 45l.

Wild Country Terra Nova Zephyros 2 tent.

Vango 3 season sleeping bag (not warm enough for me, should have taken my Mountain Warehouse Everest 4 season)

Alpkit Numo sleeping mat (excellent piece of kit)

Jetboil Zip and porridge, Look what we found boil in the bag Chicken curry- - was lovely.

Alpkit titanium mug and sporks.

Various other items such as spare clothes, gloves, hat, snacks, trowel and bio degradable wet wipes, first aid kit, spare batteries for gps and camera.

I hope you found this interesting and please feel free to comment if you have any questions.


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