Getting the image at all costs - Top Withens September 2017

August 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

Hello Folks,

Sorry I have not done a blog for a while, but here goes.

As the title says I have paid a price for getting a image. Since the beginnings of the year I have wanted to get a Sunrise image which included Top Withens. I tried early in the year but the Sunrise did not happen. So decided to give it another go over the Bank Holiday weekend just gone. I also wanted to try out a new tent and rucksack. So off I ventured late Sunday afternoon to the lovely place of Haworth. parking up in Stanbury and starting the hour trek up over the moors. New rucksack that weighed about 15kg took about 20 minutes before it seemed to find its sweet spot. So up I went.  Nice path to follow

Nice steady walk taking in the lovely coloured heather. I reached my overnight camping spot and set up my tent. I had about a hour before Sunset so popped on the kettle and had a brew. Then had a walk further over the tops to take some images of the Sunset, then the midges descended/asended (not sure if they come up from the ground or out of the sky) but which ever way, they came. I had put on spray stuff but didn't seem to work. I managed a few shutter clicks before I had to head back to the tent. Trying to get the Sunset

This is where I stayed for the rest of the night!

Awoke at 5.00am as the sunrise was due at 6.10. Had a cuppa and then had a look round for the best spot where I would capture the image that I came here for. Then I set up and waited. 

My position for the Sunrise It's here!

Luckily I was in for a good one. It was short lived but worth it. I managed to get the image I wanted. The sun rising seemed to be the alarm call for the Midges and back they came. I had planned to do some more shots in different locations. One idea was to try and get a image of the Sun rising from inside the ruins, but it was not going to happen on this occasion. So off I trotted again to the tent for some breakfast and to listen to some 80's music. 

And back in the tent. Why I am I paying for it I hear you ask. Well it seems some of the little buggers came back with me that previous evening and had a meal, namely me. So now I am nursing over 50 bites which itch like hell. But it was worth it for the final image.

Sunrise Top Withens

My new purchases did very well. These were the Osprey Atmos 65 AG rucksack. Excellent piece of kit that is very comfy when wearing.

Tent was the MSR Freelite 1. This is a very good freestanding tent. It's a 1 man so don't expect to be able to get a lot of kit in the main body. Easy to set up and cosy once in.

Any questions regarding this or future wild camps then please feel free to give me a buzz.


Michael Jenkinson(non-registered)
Nice one Mark. Looking forward to seeing the printed version.
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