My Fuji X100s Experience

September 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi All

Recently I decided to have a dip in the small mirrorless camera pool. My reasons for this were:-

  • Wanting to try my hand at some street photography. 
  • To get back to just taking images for the fun of it without lugging a full DSLR kit around.
  • I wanted to work on my composition skills and using a small camera meant I could do this more often.

After researching and asking various knowledgable people I decided on the Fujifilm X100s. The reasons I went for this camera were that it was a fixed lens. This meant I would not be tempted to start and buy more lenses for it. Other reasons included good reviews, a lot of Youtube clips of it in action and it looked damned cool.

I was looking for a second hand one and after a day or so I picked one up from a Facebook group. it came with a everything as when bought new plus a spare battery, fancy leather case and a macro conversion lens.

Once received, I quickly downloaded the manual, read the first 3 pages then put it away as all blokes do. I then messed about with my new toy. 

1st impression were very good. Easy to use and the image quality was surprising good. Using it was a lot different to using the Nikon D7100 as everything was electronic. Once I grasped the basics, I thought right lets get out. One dinnertime I visited a local graveyard and practiced using the camera.

I took this and converted it to black and white in light rooms. This was my first true go with the camera.

My second was in Leeds one Sunday morning.

I like this picture as I had to think a little about the Composition and the location.

What do I think so far. Well it won't replace my Nikon gear for doing Landscapes or Portraits on location but it will be with me wherever I go. It will be in my works rucksack just in case, in the car just in case and on me while walking the dog just in case. So it is my just in case camera!

Temptations so far - To buy a Lee filter kit for it- But I keep telling myself it is just for street stuff so NO! and also do I need the Wide angled conversion lens to go with it - again NO!

Only temptation I have given into is to buy a thumb rest, soft shutter button and a nice compact Manfrotto shoulder bag to put it in. 

Cheers for listening.



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