Mark Hunneybell Photography | The equipment I currently use.

I am mainly a Nikon shooter. I use the Nikon D7100 for most of my work. Lens wise I use various inc. Nikon 17-55 2.8, Nikon 16-85 3.5/5.6, Nikon 50mm 1.8, Sigma 70-200 2.8 and the Tokina 11-20 2.8.

Most used out of them is the wide angled 11-20. This is a really good lens for landscapes.

Recently I also bought a Fuji X100s. This camera is now used for general walking about. I love this camera as it as a fixed lens so it makes me think about composition a lot more.

To carry my gear around I use different bags depending on what I am taking and for how long. 

For my Wild camping adventures I use a Osprey Atmos 65L ag. This allows me to carry comfortably everything I need for a night on the Moors or on a Summit somewhere. 

For long day hikes I use the Lowe Pro Photo Sport Pro 30L aw. This back pack is half and half. The bottom half as a purpose built housing for the camera insert then the top half is for other essentials needed for a long hike.

For short walks in use the Vanguard Up Rise 45. 

For around the Cities, I use the Lowe Pro Photo Sport 18L should bag. Excellent for carrying 1 body and one lens. 

Tripod - I now use a 2nd hand 3 Legged Thing Brian (Old version) this is my travel tripod, very light and compact.

Filter System - I use the Lee 100mm System. I have various filters from ND Grads through to the Super Stopper Stopper. My most used Filter is the Landscape Polariser. This is a must in my opinion for Landscape Photographers.

For my Portrait based work, I have switched from using a mainly flash system to a more Continuous Light source. So now I am use the Rotolight Neo lights. I have two Neo 1's and one Neo 2. I am fairly new to this way of lighting my subjects, so still learning. I also have a Nikon Sb700 flash just in case. I use various light modifiers including barn doors and soft boxes. I have found that the Rotolights produce excellent light with no diffusion. Trigger wise I use the Godox X1 system. This works well with the Nikon flash and also the Neo 2. 

I decided last year to do my own printing. I felt that this gave me more control over certain printing aspects. It is not the cheapest method of getting my prints out there, but for me its the best way. So I purchased the Canon Pro -100s series printer. During the last few months I have been trying out different Photography Papers. My favourite so far is the Canon Pro Platinum. I tend to print in 3 sizes 4"x6", A4 and also the bigger A3. 

Post processing is done mainly using Lightroom's with a little Photoshop when needed. 

Other items I use include a L bracket, Shutters release cable and hotshoe spirit level.